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For budding and flourishing photographers - Exclusive, Professional One to One training - All sessions tutored by Steven Bradshaw LBIPP, LSWPP, Qualified Member of the Guild of Photographers


Beginners Guide to Better digital SLR Photography

(4 Hour Session) - £295.00

This 4 hour One to One Guide To Better Digital SLR Photography course will suit anyone from the complete beginner to the intermediate Digital SLR photographer. I often get students say they learnt more in one day than they have in the past two years. Learn how to use your own camera, or I will lend you a digital SLR and lens for the duration of the session. Get to know and understand your Digital SLR, learn the technical jargon, exposure modes, the right lenses and settings to use for a given light condition or situation.

Topics covered are... JPEG & RAW, Lenses & Lens Speed, The Three Exposure Variables, Drive speed, ISO, Using On and off camera flash, taking better portraits, macro (Close up) Photography and Time Exposures, to mention a few. 

This session includes a practical shooting section and a short introduction to post production and Adobe Lightroom Raw Image Editing.

Introduction to Adobe Lightroom

(Approx 3 hour session) - £245.00 (Exclusive one to one session)

Learn more in 3 hours than you will in a month teaching yourself! Learn powerful professional image sorting & editing techniques using Adobe Lightroom 5, Raw workflow processing, lightroom import & export processing &  preset creation, software shortcuts, application & recording of user filter presets, application & recording of filter presets, and all the lightroom manipulation tools explained and demonstrated. 

Wedding Day Shooting Technique with 'How to shoot it' Shot list walk through. 

(1 Day Session) - £350.00 - (Exclusive one to one session, 9am - 4.30pm, includes lunch & regular tea!)

A hands on, studio based one to one practical demonstration of how i shoot each element of a Wedding Day from Pre Ceremony of the Bride, to the successful lighting of the first dance. This is where you will learn how to create striking, bold, creative, well composed and properly exposed images throughout a wedding day. 

I will chat through the camera settings, lenses and techniques, as well as my approach most commonly used for each section or moment of a wedding day, and most importantly the right lenses to use for a given situation or lighting condition, (learning to read the light and the situation). 

Note!: This is not a real life accompaniment to an actual wedding. It is studio based one to one demonstration of techniques used. 

Digital Wedding Photography Raw Workflow

(1 day session) - £350.00 - (Exclusive one to one session, 9am - 4.30pm, includes lunch & regular tea!)

Learn the techniques used by the Pro's. Raw Image workflow training using Adobe Lightroom 5, Photoshop CC & Adobe Bridge CC. Learn professional raw workflow image sorting & processing, lightroom import & export engine and import export preset creation, software shortcuts, application & recording of filter presets, and all the lightroom manipulation tools explained, photoshop tools, actions and the powerful batchprocessing engine, Adobe Bridge image sorting, labelling, batch processing & renaming processes.

This intensive & hands on 1 day session takes you through the best copying & backup techniques of your raw files to your system, getting your images to a 'finished' proofing stage to produce printed and online proofing albums of yourimages. No previous experience of Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop is required, although previous experience of computers and Mac / Windows operating systems is necessary.