I live in beautiful Staffordshire with my family and have two gorgeous children. Wedding Photography is a not just a living for me, it's who I am, it's my passion and I absolutely love the job! I have spent my entire working life as a professional photographer, with a background in Photojournalism, I have studied the skills required to capture fleeting, natural and precious moments... 'real' images.

Being a great wedding photographer requires experience and creative flair, excellent anticipation and empathy with the wedding couples and the moments unfolding in front of the lens. Above all, a deep passion for the job is required to really capture the ambience of a wedding. I strive to remain creative, observing, rather than over-orchestrating, producing a mix of classic, 'non-cheesy' moments, predominantly 'documentary' in style, coupled with some very lightly directed, but relaxed portraiture and creative low light 'Wow' shots, magical pictures you'll be proud to display in your home.

Hi! This is me, cheesy portrait alert!

This is me winning some national awards including 'Top Ten Wedding Photographer in the UK' awarded by The Guild of Photographers, the UK's largest Qualifying Body for Professional Photography!

Taken by a guest, me in summer wedding attire, note the awesome camera belt! which often gets called 'The Bat Belt', it's essential for quick camera swops so I don't miss any crucial moments or photo opportunities unfolding.

Also me!... Coming to an open mic near you! :) When I'm not taking pictures I love to sing and play guitar.