Kelly & Gary | Kelham Country House Hotel | Newark

'Amazing', 'Spectacular' and 'All kinds of Awesome' almost describes how good Kelly & Gary's Wedding Day was... fun filled and exciting from start to finish, with plenty for me to shoot and get creative with!! The weather the whole day was perfect, as was the venue and setting at the beautiful Kelham Country House Hotel, nr Newark...  The bright, light airy and spacious interior of Kelham House really adds to the images, allowing for the photography to just work wherever you are, inside or out. Set in landscaped and lawned gardens with a secluded wooded area to the back, a picturesque tree colonnade lines the drive up to the front of the house which is surrounded by farmland, this is a gem of a venue.

You only need to see a few of these pictures to tell straight away that this super loved up couple have chemistry in spades!! They look great together, affectionate and relaxed during the photography, making my job very easy!

I asked Kelly & Gary how their love story started... this is what they said!...

"Gary & I met at a dance festival in Wales through mutual friends. We got on really well at the event but nothing romantic happened and we said our farewells. A couple of weeks later Gary found a photo of me on Facebook with one of our friends so he decided to send a friend request.      
My first response was 'who is this weirdo' as he didn't look like himself, due to his profile picture featuring him wearing a fancy dress cow hat. However, as we had a few friends in common thought it must be someone I knew, checked out his profile and realised it was Gary.                                          
We started chatting online, and after a few weeks turned into flirting... also known as Gary Facebook stalking me :) and a little while later we decided to meet up again. For our first date Gary took me to Go Ape, he’d seen some photos of the adventures I’d had whilst travelling so thought this would be a good idea. It was a great idea and I loved every minute of it. Although we lived 150 miles away we started dating and six months later I moved to Nottingham from Essex… as they say the rest is history."

I am so pleased with the results from Kelly & Gary's big day and was really honoured to be chosen as their photographer. Congratulations once again to the happy couple Mr & Mrs France! - Steven.