Ruth & Stuart | Pre Wedding | Beaumanor Hall


Ruth & Stuart have chosen the picturesque setting of Beaumanor Hall in Leicestershire for thier Wedding Reception. Beaumanor Hall is situated within the village of Woodhouse in Leicestershire and was built during the 19th Century for the wealthy Herrick family and has played many roles over the years. Amongst other things Beaumanor and it's grounds hosts a children's activity centre and business conferencing facilities, but it's grounds and spectacular interior are quite unrivalled as a backdrop for a wedding!

I've got some great ideas for truly classic shots at Ruth & Stuart's wedding, the stunning stained glass window at the top of the even more stunning and dramatic sweeping staircase inside Beaumanor is just crying out for a bride to be postioned or silhouetted at the top, giving me even more good reason to invest in a shiney new Nikon 14-24mm to capture it in all it's glory!!

Ruth & Stuart were great, Ruth's fun character really coming through in some of these pictures... a few of my favs posted below. I am looking forward to the big day Ruth & Stu! - Steven