Steve receives prestigious Guild of Photographers Award!

Delighted to have received this email from the Guild of Photographers!...


Congratulations Steven,

On behalf of the Guild of Photographers I am delighted to advise you that as a result of your consistently high standard entries into the Image of the Month Competition you have earned the right to honorary life membership of the 'Photographer's Bar'!

Less than 100 photographers to have achieved this in the 3 years since its inception so you are now part of a very distinguished group.

We hope you will attend the Guild's Awards night in Cheshire so we have the privilege of presenting you your well-deserved certification in person.

It is also fair to say that having achieved this you must have one of the higher scores in the Guild's Photographer of the Year Title Chase, and therefore you are a contender to become one of our 'Top 10' photographers in your genre. Who has actually achieved this will be revealed at the Awards Night with the relevant certificates and trophies being presented to those people.

The Guild's Photographer of the Year Titles and Top 10 awards are prestigious for those in the business and are clearly amongst the hardest photographic titles to be won in the UK, if not internationally, as you need to produce strong images month after month and judging is by a full Panel of respected judges, not just one individual. A tremendous challenge!

Anyone entering the Image of the Month competition is automatically entered into our Title chases (and also the quest to become a member of 'the Photographers Bar' - a unique lifetime distinction).

Some of the images which helped me achieve the Photographer's Bar...